Submission Guide

Why should I submit to Authorship?

Here at Authorship Magazine our editors pride themselves in understanding their writers through our unique process, so that the author’s intended message is received by our audience. First an editor will review a the first draft for grammar errors, then review the draft’s overall context and material. Editors then email the author with their “second draft” which contains grammar corrections and questions about the work itself. At this stage, no heavy editing is done. The author will then communicate with our editor and discuss the piece via emails or phone calls, and suggest edits or new drafts of the article. Once the editor and author reach an understanding one or two more drafts may be necessary before the article is published.

Will I get paid for my work?

At the moment Authorship does not pay its writers for their work, since we’ve only just launched this spring. Submitting pieces will benefit writers looking for editing assistance and develop a presence in the publishing world. Any article submitted, edited, and published by Authorship will be available for their authors to submit again to other magazines. Authorship examines each submission carefully with equal value, regardless of the author’s origins and presence in the literary world. We credit each author for their work and even publish pieces online between magazine issues. Authorship will also send contact information of our editors to anyone who may use their publication in a resume.

If one of your articles is chosen and edited, it will be published through our multiple media sites. You will also receive 5 copies of the physical issue that features your article. Additionally, chosen authors will win a free 6 month subscription to Authorship. Repeating winners may win 2 years of free membership. 

If chosen, the author will have to submit a short bio about themselves or about what inspired their work.

Anything else I should know?

Remember that Authorship is a literary magazine, so submissions are required to demonstrate knowledge about the article’s subject. Also:

  • Please keep all submissions between one or ten pages. If your work exceeds the amount, shorten it for the initial article pitch.
  • Use MLA format.
  • Independent research will be done to verify academic articles.
  • List any and all sources used. At least half of these sources should be current, or published between 2010-2018.
  • Submissions that express hate speech or discrimination will not be accepted. Analysis of literature about hate speech or discrimination will be considered for publication.