Authorship Magazine is a new ongoing magazine featuring articles, essays, analytical research, plus news about literature and publishing. Although content may vary between issues Authorship is determined to entertain and inform editors, authors, and other parties interested in writing.

Currently Authorship is an online magazine, but we plan to become available in print too. To help Authorship reach that goal we invite you to subscribe to us  for $5 a year. Subscribers will have access to exclusive articles and will be allowed to submit multiple pieces for review.

Meet Our Staff

Authorship Magazine was just launched in May 2018, so our staff is small in numbers. We’ll be looking for more editors and researchers in two years, or whenever we reach our goal of 500 subscribers. At the moment Authorship is a non-profit built magazine, so all its staff are volunteer workers with relevant backgrounds in writing and publishing.

Here at Authorship Magazine we believe that authors should have the final say in edits. Because of this our editors work diligently alongside writers to understand a submission from the author’s point of view and preserve what the author finds important. Our mission is to educate and connect those interested in writing or editing with the publishing industry. We strive to deliver insight to our audience and assist writers with making their first or hundredth publication.

A. Pollock- Chief Editor and Authorship Founder. Ms. Pollock is an editor and author of novels, essays, and articles. She has a Masters in Creative Writing. She researches fantasy, the hero’s journey, and publishing. Chief Editor Pollock is an administrator and developer of Authorship‘s website and her own domain themadscribblersite.com.

Chief Editor Pollock and other editors select submissions to be added to the magazine.

Sheila Doz- Director of Publications. Together with Chief Editor Pollock, Dir. Doz reviews all the final entries and articles prior to publication on our website and printed copies. She has worked in the past as an Associate Director of Arts for the New York University Foundation.

Robert McDonnel- Publications Assistant. McDonnel oversees the visual aspects of printed issues and works alongside Dir. Doz.

Julie Lakes- Miss Lakes is Authorship’s fiction-oriented editor. She actively helps chosen authors to finalize their work.

Jessica Fletcher- Mrs. Fletcher is a retired literature professor and an author of best selling mystery novels. Her knowledge extends to journalism, poetry, memoirs, and publishing. Currently she is Authorship’s editor of non-fiction pieces. She works alongside submitting authors to finalize their work.

Stephen Ward- Advertising Manager. Mr. Ward earned his Masters in Marketing at New York University. Currently he works part time at Authorship and teaches at Penn State.

Derek Miles- Membership Intern, Penn State University. Interning as a web copy editor and junior editor, Miles posts a list of current literature awards and contests every 20 days. He works with Chief Editor Pollock.